Deep Pan & Thin Crust Pizzas

1   Spice ‘n’ Nicy                                                         530p       740p      985p

    spicy pork, chilli beef, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions & hot peppers

2   The Mountain                                                          530p       740p      985p

    Mexican chicken, mushrooms, pepperoni, sweetcorn, prawns, mixed peppers

     & double cheese

3   Andy Pandy                                                            540p       750p      990p

    ham, salami, onions, chilli beef, black olives, mushrooms & mixed peppers

4   Pepperuna                                                               525p       670p      930p

    quarters of pepperoni, tuna, mushrooms, mixed peppers & onions

5   Meaty Bunch                                                           530p       680p      950p

    quarters of pepperoni, chilli beef, salami & smoked sausage

6   Vegge Cheese                                                         520p       670p      940p

    quarters of red Leicester & mozzarella, topped with freshly chopped tomatoes

7   The Rossini                                                              515p       675p      940p

    pepperoni, chilli beef, chicken tikka, onion, topped with red Leicester cheese

8   Three Fish                                                               520p       690p      950p

    tuna, prawns & smoked mackerel

9   Chicken Supreme                                                    530p       685p      950p

    chicken tikka, Mexican & spicy chicken

10 Vegee                                                                     495p       660p      920p

    mixed peppers, onions, sweetcorn & mushrooms

11 Hot & Spicy                                                            535p       760p      985p

     pepperoni, salami, chilli beef, mushrooms, onions, hot peppers

     and black olives with a spicy pizza sauce

12 Tikka Delight                                                           525p       690p      940p

    chicken tikka, sweetcorn & mushrooms

13 Paradise                                                                  495p       695p      940p

    ham, mushrooms and pineapple

14 Fishy-Fishy                                                              540p       760p      995p

    tuna, prawns, mixed peppers, onions, garlic and herbs

15 Vegee-Spice                                                           495p       675p      955p

    mixed peppers, onions and hot peppers and mushrooms

16 Hot ‘n’ Beefy                                                          495p       635p      915p

    chilli beef, mixed peppers, onions & hot peppers

17 Hushroom                                                               480p       685p      920p

    ham & mushroom

18 Pepperoom                                                             505p       670p      945p

    double pepperoni & mushroom

19 Two Squirt                                                              345p       535p      750p

    cheese & tomato

20 Two Squirt Deluxe                                                   425p       535p      820p

    freshly chopped tomato with double cheese

21 Americano                                                               530p      695p       945p

    barbeque sauce, pepperoni, chicken, onions & herbs

22 Smokey Joe                                                            530p       695p      945p

    barbeque sauce, chicken, bacon, onions and mixed peppers

Extra Toppings or Make Your Own Pizza

Cost 60p or 80p for large pizza

Extra cheese, red Leicester, olives, mixed peppers, sweetcorn, onion, mushrooms, ham, chilli beef, pepperoni, Mexican chicken, chicken tikka, spicy pork, salami, smoked sausage, beans, anchovies, tuna, smoked makeral, prawns, pineapple, chopped tomatoes, hot peppers

Dips 50p

Barbeque or sweet chilli