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Pasta Menu                                                           All 695p

Chicken Carbonora

Chicken, bacon, pasta shells in a creamy sauce

Chicken Arrabiata

Chicken cooked in a spicy tomato and basil sauce

Conchiglie Gamberetto

Pasta shells with prawns, mushrooms & garlic

Tagliatelle Bolagnese

Minced beef, cooked with red wine, mushroom, onion, garlic

Black Bean Chicken

Chicken with ginger, garlic, onion in a black bean sauce

Mushroom Carbanara

Mushroom, garlic, brie, parmesan in a cream sauce

Jacket Potatoes

Butter   295p

Cheese   375p

Cheese & beans   420p

Coleslaw   495p

Tuna mayonnaise   495p

Chicken mayonnaise   495p

Prawn mayonnaise   495p

Chilli con carne   525p


Side salad   325p

Chicken salad    495p

Tuna salad   485p

Prawn salad   560p

Garlic Breads

Garlic bread   275p

Garlic bread with cheese   325p

Garlic bread with cheese & tomato   350p

Garlic bread with cheese and pepperoni    350p

Garlic bread with cheese and spicy pork   350p

Lasagne with hot baguette & salad   750p

Chilli Con Carne with hot baguette & salad   750p

Cannelloni with hot baguette & salad   750p


Ham & pineapple

Smoked mackerel & mixed peppers

Smoked sausage & mushrooms

Onion & sweetcorn (vegetarian)

Pepperoni & chilli beef

Mexican chicken & hot pepper

Chicken tikka & sweetcorn

All served with mozzarella or red Leicester   395p


Double chocolate fudge cake

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Banoffee Cheesecake

With ice-cream   325p


Jacket Potato Skins    375p

Crispy potato skins filled with a variety of fillings, sprinkled with cheese and served with a sour cream dip

Hot Wings    395p

Hot spicy chicken wings (6pcs)

Chicken Sate   375p

Gorgeous chicken pieces on a skewer, garnished with a peanut sauce dip

Chicken Bites   395p

Six pieces of chicken breast in a light batter with choice of dip

Wedges   325p

Portion of seasoned wedges, served with sweet chilli or barbeque sauce


Cans             95p

1.5ltr bottles 225p